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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So I'm at it again...

Two great friends of the hubby and I have decided to get married! So they have asked me to help them plan the whole event!! Something that I enjoyed doing on for myself I now get to enjoy it all over again without it being the stress of my own!

So since they are doing a destination wedding, I am organizing the ceremony through a destination planner! As when the day gets here I can't be the MOH AND the director LOL! So Pensacola here we come!

The date is November 7, 2009, but I'm not getting off that easily.

They are also having a HUGE (350-400 person) reception on November 21st! So I have to plan and organize that whole thing... from food and decor to music and drinks!

We are still organizing preliminary details, but seeing as we have a little over 6 months we have lots to get done! So be watching for posts on the planning process :o)

Resume plumper here we go!!


AmyJean said...

That is so cool! :) Congrats!

Krista said...

that sounds really cool! good luck :)