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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally getting excited...

Wow... So SORRY ladies (and gents). I cannot believe I've been so MIA! This whole temp job thing is wearing me down. Not to mention I have 3 1/2 weeks... YES!! 3 1/2 WEEKS!! AHH!

Well at the beginning of this month, I payed a visit to my "people" at H&R Block to file my taxes.

As you all know, I am unemployed at the time (just working a temp job) and wasn't sure where I was going to get the money I had committed to pay for the wedding. Well IRS to the RESCUE! Not only did I get a bunch of credits I didn't know about, but I got back way more than I thought I was going to...

And last Friday, I got a nice deposit in my account... so happy me is now excited because I don't have to worry about where the money I had committed to pay out is coming from :)


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dancing Machine

So if you live in upstate South Carolina and have been out in downtown Greenville I am sure you have had the pleasure of seeing this man in person. I know I have and it is quite entertaining! Here is a video of him at a local bar in Greenville!
You can also check out his website at : http://www.tonythedancemachine.com/default.aspx

Clearing up the Honeymoon

So I think I was a little confusing in my Honeymoon post...

Our Honeymoon has been planned and is paid for (his parents are gifting it to us). The think is that I don't know where we are going. It is a surprise and I will find out when we get to the airport.

These are the things I've been told:

To get a passport.

To pack for warm weather.

SO now I only have 34 days and I get to find out where we are going on our wonderful all inclusive honeymoon!

Ok so I'll take a moment...

to Update you ladies on what's been going on in the last week.

Man I honestly don't think I have had a moment to breathe until today!

It all started Monday, I've been working through a staffing agency that is helping me to try and find a job. I got a phone call from them saying that a company I had interviewed with for a different temp job wanted me to come for a different position. So I started Tuesday. It was only supposed to last 2-3 days however it's looking like it's going to be another 2-3 weeks or more... which is good and bad. Good because we needed the money and I making $10 an hour so that $400 before taxes a week while my unemployment was only paying me $174 before taxes a week. Bad because, ummm like y'all didn't know... I only have 5 WEEKS and so much going on!

Tuesday I had to work and then we went to dinner for Michael's birthday (it was Jan 29 but that was when we could go to dinner with his parents). Wednesday I had to work and then go to my parents (an hour away) to file my taxes so I could get my return to help pay for the wedding. Thursday I had to work, but got off at 1 because I had a wedding festival to work. Well I got there at 1 and didn't get off my feet until I fell onto my couch at about 9pm! Friday thankfully we didn't have much after I got off work, but we did have stuff Saturday (but that's another post)!

I feel like such a heifer because I didn't go to the gym once this week! I did by a new video game for my Wii called My Fitness Coach so I did that Monday and Tuesday, but I wasn't able to do any other. Ugh!

Well thankfully next week and I think the next should be better because I have to LIVE at the tanning bed the next two weeks! I have my bridal portrait on the 21st so I need to get tan!

Well I think that's enough rambling for now... I'll be posting some new stuff here soon because I have lots to share :o)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Real Quick...

Hey ladies! Look so sorry I've been MIA the last few days... this week came out of NO WHERE! I got a call Monday that a company I interviewed with last week wanted me to TEMP for another position that was supposed to be 2-3 days. Well looks like it's going to be longer. I had to file my taxes today too.. AND I have another bridal festival to work tomorrow here in Greenwood... I've got so much to do that I may not be back until either Friday (I hope because I have LOTS to post) or Sunday where I will have some downtime!
I have my first fitting Saturday AND my first shower so I definitely have lots... I promise I'm not leaving you ladies :) I love you all WAY to much... probably more than is normal :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'd like to introduce you to...

Our ZOO! That's right, I have a zoo :)

We have a 2 year old Basset Hound named Daisy May...

And 4, yes I said 4, cats...

And no, Bandit is not as evil as he looks LOL! That's all thanks to dark room + bright flash! While some people think that it's too much, we wouldn't have it any other way! We LOVE our zoo :)