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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Honeymooners

So yes as I said in a previous post, we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon! It was all a surprise! We stayed at the Sandals Grande Ocho Rios. We had a blast! The only recommendation I will offer is that if you want a lot of beach scout out other resorts, because they didn't have much beach to choose from. But the beach they had was AWESOME and the food... well words cannot express how great the food was! We didn't do any tours, but heard they were great! So here are a few pictures from our trip and if you would like to see more, just find me on Facebook and I'll add you!

Some houses in Jamaica

On the bus going to the resort

On the bus going to the resort

My handsome husband


Michael and Amber :o)

What we lived on! Strawberry daiquiris with rum floaters

Our rings :o)

Doing our nightly thing of sitting on the dock drinking waiting to go eat

Before going to dinner

Me and my handsome husband at the pool

Drunk Jenga. Never played?? It's a MUST!

The view from the restaurant we were eating breakfast at

Yummmmmm... BREAKFAST!

My beautiful set with the beautiful scenery

One of our views

Don't you always have to have a few of these??

Love the kisses :o)

My handsome husband

At Margaritaville at the airport in Montego Bay

The view from our plane as we left Jamaica :o(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

After Party... well somewhat

So after the reception we headed back to our hotel and hung out with some of the people who were staying over. It was a LONG night! Here are a few of the pictures I got while there.

Me and Alicia, one of my bridesmaids who stayed in town

Me and Zack, Michael's best friend and Best Man

The Murfreesboro Crowd

Michael and I with the flower girls

My *BEAUTIFUL* set! He picked this out!!


My sexy husband... may I introduce Mr. Michael Dixon :o)

Kisses from my hubby

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon

One of our 3 beautiful centerpieces

Being introduced at the reception

Enjoying our first dance as Mr. and Mrs.

I will always be Daddy's Little Girl

Cutting the Cake

Yes we were nice to each other

"You can let go now daddy" sad and sappy...

To "My Girl" and shagging like always :o)

Throwing the bouquet

Going in for garter number 2

Having a little fun ;)

Michael and the flower girls (They're twins)

On the Limo ride to the hotel... Pinky the Pig

Our Duck

Ceremony Time

The boys (my brother on the left and the brother-in-law on the right) lighting candles

Michael walking his mom down

My parents

Our Ring Bearer (and YES he is carrying a fishing pole with the rings on them! Michael is an avid fisherman so we came up with a creative way to do it!)

Our lovely flower girls

Daddy walking me down

Here I come (deep breathing and concentrating on Michael's eyes was the only thing that kept me calm)

Our kiss... there was more but the only picture I have LOL

Our mock leave with bubbles

In the limo ready to go