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Friday, November 28, 2008

Do I need a Wedding Planner?

There is really no definitive answer to this question. It really comes down to do you want a wedding planner?

While a wedding planner is very helpful in scheduling meetings with vendors during the planning process, many brides are capable of doing this on their own. A wedding planner is basically there to make the brides life easier during the planning process and on the day of. For a busy bride-to-be who doesn't have much time to do wedding planning, then yes, a wedding planner would be helpful. But for a bride who has time to do the research and go to meetings, then no a wedding planner would not be needed.

However, even for brides who decide to forgo the idea of a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator is a must! The coordinator will run everything from the rehearsal to the ceremony and reception. They are there to ensure that everyone is in their place and that timing runs smoothly. They tell each person when to go down the aisle and when reception time comes they let the bride and groom know when it is time to do the first dance, cut the cake, throw the bouquet, etc.

So while a wedding planner is optional, I think a wedding coordinator (friend, family, or hired) is necessary.

1 comment:

Newport Nuptials said...

I agree, a wedding planner is optional, but a coordinator is necessary, I love doing all the legwork for the wedding, but I am happy that we will have someone to help us out on the day of.