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Monday, November 24, 2008

Let me Introduce myself...

Good evening all! First of all thanks for coming over and checking out my new adventure. I'm really interested to see where this goes.

So, first things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Amber Thompson and I am the future Mrs. Dixon. I was born and raised in Simpsonville, SC and graduated from Hillcrest High School. After graduating from high school, I moved to Greenwood, SC to attend college at Lander University. I graduated from Lander in August of 2007 with a bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. Since graduating, I have bounced from job to job due to a long run of bad luck (bad luck = 3 lay offs in a little over a year). Now, due to my most recent lay off, my day consists of job searching, wedding planning, working out, wedding planning, taking care of the house, wedding planning, taking care of my fur-babies, and oh, did I mention... wedding planning?

I met my FH (future husband) in August of 2006 where we quickly became friends. Well that friendship turned into a relationship on November 14, 2006. We moved in together in April of 2007 (quick, yes I know) and have been going strong ever since. We got engaged on February 3, 2008 and the wedding planning began. We have set the date for March 14, 2009 (our 2 year and 4 month anniversary) and are counting down the days until it gets here!

This, however, is not my first wedding to plan. First trip down the aisle, but not first experience wedding planning. I have learned a lot between the two and am glad to have found real love. I have learned so much from planning my own wedding as well as working weddings. I work with 2 different wedding planners assisting them in planning and directing weddings: my mom and a local wedding planner here in town. On top of that, I am also a photographer and work with an event gallery that hosts weddings and receptions. So, with all the wedding talk, my FH said, "Why don't you turn this into something to keep you busy?" So I started researching and decided, eh, why not! So here I am. I am here to post off the wall topics on weddings, advice on subjects that I may have encountered, and any questions that you have.

Got a question about etiquette? Decorations? Colors? Anything? Send me an email with the question and any details you think will help me out and I will research it for you and based on the research and my experience will post a blog topic answering your question.

I really enjoy weddings. My FH asks me all the time, "What are you going to do when our wedding is over?" It kinda makes me sad to think that once my wedding is over, I won't be able to do it anymore. Well, I think I have found my niche. My passion. I love planning and directing and I hope that this blog is only the beginning. If you would like to contact me on helping you plan your wedding... PLEASE DO! I am willing to do it!

I hope that this will be a great help to all of you as well as a great wedding outlet for me. So.... without further ado... lets start blogging!