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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm different... I want CUSTOM

So I stumbled across an awesome site the other day! The owner and I have chatted back and forth on email, and I must say she seems to be a very sweet girl! She offers so many custom items and if they don't have something that you are wanting to have customized, just ask!
Aisle Runners

Unity Candles

Custom Champagne Flutes, Martini Glasses, Wine Glasses, and MORE!

Custom Banners

Custom Cake Toppers

Custom Table Numbers

So where do I find this stuff you ask?? Check out Three Galas Designs! There is a link to their blog on the right hand side of my page. There is a link on their page to the website where you can order all of these items and more. So check her out!

Note: All photos are used courtesy of Three Galas Designs

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