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Friday, April 17, 2009

Professional Pictures

So I'm going to try this... let me know if it doesn't work. I have albums up of our professional pictures on Facebook, so I'm going to post the links. We'll see... if not I'll figure something out LOL
These are all I have right now. We realized that we were missing some pictures and come to find out she forgot to burn the last CD LOL so I am getting that on Saturday!
We also realized shortly after getting back from the honeymoon that we never got any pictures of Michael and I alone at the wedding. That's right! NONE! It was hectic and there were so many people talking that I really can't blame any one person, so our only option to fix it is to have a photo shoot! So we are saving up some money now to re-rent a tux for Michael and then we will pick a day to get all prettied up again and go shoot pictures!
Please enjoy! And if you have Facebook feel free to add me... just let me know who you are :o)

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