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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finding some inspiration...

So my mom has picked yellow and black for her colors.  I knew this was going to be the case as her favorite color is yellow!

Well I immediately googled "black and yellow weddings" and loads of options came up!  Thankfully lots of other people liked this color combo as well!  And while my first thought was bumblebee, When you do it right, it's so NOT!

So here are some of the inspirations I have found...

I LOVE the cake and we will most likely go with something similar from Publix since we are trying to keep the budget down but the food still awesome!  And the flowers in the center with the milk vases are what we will be going for too.  I found an awesome blog that gives you step-by-step to DIY your very own!  You can check it out by going here.  I'm kinda feeling the invitations too, so I'm going to shop around for those and may possibly try to put my creative skills to use and DIY those too!  Hey, if you're following my personal blog, then you know we are strapped on money, and with this being a renewal and mom wanting to keep it "simple" it just doesn't make sense to spend a bunch of money!

Here are some more pictures I've found...

More milk vases with the yellow flowers.  Not sure what flowers we are going to do yet so, again, recommendations are welcome!  Only criteria is they have to be cheap and easy to work with!  We are thinking about buying them in bulk and doing them ourselves to save money!

I liked this one with the black vases too!  We are debating on the white or black vases, but I think that will depend on the table clothes we pick.  Look for that post tomorrow and help us choose the best combo!

These are two tables that I've found that I like!  I know the color schemes aren't right, but it gives you a general idea and of course colors can easily be changed to match ours!  To give you a hint about clothes, the second picture contains a linen we are considering.

So do you have any ideas or pictures that have inspired you and your ideas for your wedding?  Please do share with me and your fellow readers so we can find awesome ideas too!


Benita Wheeler said...

I love those shoes and the colors of the yellow. It screams summer. For a southern jazz brunch, this is the way to go.

tina @ wedding favors said...

In any wedding, planning seems to be the hardest part and it all started when you are trying to choose the theme and colors for your wedding. But I love the yellow and black combination.