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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Linens and Sashes

So we have been looking around at linens.  Originally we had thought about doing white or black solid linens.  Then we thought of white linens with a black runner in the center or black linens with a white runner.  We will most likely be using 6ft long tables, so I just felt that a runner was very pretty to help decorate such a long space. 

While looking at a vendor's website, I found these patterned linens that we really liked!  As you may recall in this post, I posted a picture of a tablescape that included a linen I said we were considering... well here are the patterned linens we are looking at and would love comments on your favorites!

We were thinking of doing one of these with a runner, most likely yellow.  Here are some of the sash options I've found that I liked.

These would be if we choose a patterned linen...

These would be for if we did the solid linen...

Remember, this is a very simple occasion, but we still wanted it to have the event feel.  So, if you think that something may be to casual, then good!  That's the look we are going for.

I know I said in this post a little about the flowers and such, but I'll be focusing more on the centerpieces and ideas next post.  So stay tuned!

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