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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Brief Recap of Our Wedding

WARNING: There is some foul language so read with caution :o)

So we are all married now :o)

Everything went great! The day basically went off without a hitch, and even the weather was ok. They called for horrible down pours ALL day... but it only sprinkled once or twice and held off until Sunday morning! We were so excited that it was able to do that.

The only problem I was aware of (during the day...) was that the b*tch of a lady at our reception venue didn't tell the bartender that it was a $500 limit beer and wine ONLY! He thought it was open bar... so by the time we got there (about 45 min to an hour after guests did) the tab was already over to $300!!!! We stopped it and ended up with a total of about $788. So my parents covered it graciously and the lady is still being a b*tch about it and not refunding us even though she and I as well as my mom and her had several conversations referring to ONLY beer and wine. But what do you do other than tell people she's a b*tch right?

Other than that, things went wonderful. And even though I'm a little irritated over those, I'm not letting it get to me because... I'M MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!

And for those of you wondering... I will keep you in suspense no longer on that surprise honeymoon.

It was.......

Sandals Grande Ocho Rios in Ocho Rios, Jamaica!!! We had a blast, but I will say if you want lots of beach, don't go there. We were slightly disappointed in the amount of beach and the "upgrade" room that we got. We were only disappointed because his parents were very gracious in gifting us our honeymoon, and they had told Michael what to expect in the room and when we got there, it wasn't what we were told to expect, so we upset for them because we knew that what they had "upgraded" us to would have never been what his parents would have booked. But we had a great time non-the-less, we just know not to go back to that Sandals when we go back to Jamaica.

While we got to the airport around 3pmish on Sunday afternoon... our luggage made it to the resort at midnight on Monday night. Yeah so Delta really sucked that weekend. Not to mention, Atlanta airport was delaying arrivals but didn't delay departures, so we missed our 10am flight to Montego Bay but got put on stand by for the 11:30am flight and got seats... but as I said, yeah our luggage didn't. But we were honeymooners so who really needs clothes right? hahaha

I will try to post some pictures very soon!


AmyJean said...

YAY! i'm glad to hear the day went off without a hitch. And you have awesome family/friends who chipped in to make sure you didn't even notice the little flaws. But I think your coordinator, caterer, etc totally suck... That is awful... thank goodness it was only a small mess! I hope you get your refund back! :) Welcome back!

Katy said...

WooHoo. Married Lady.

Future Mrs. H said...

Awww yayyy I am glad you had a good wedding (minus the few glitches)!!