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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Finding "The Dress"

I honestly think the most exciting part about planning the wedding for any woman has got to be shopping for the dress. But then the question comes up, what kind of dress do you want?

There are many different shapes:

Cut closer to the body. Often more revealing than traditional wedding dresses. Usually cut on the bias to allow fabric to flow and flatter the figure.

A-Line Princess:
Think of the shape of an A! The dress is cut closest to the bust and then falls away from the body. It is a “forgiving” wedding dress shape. The dress will avoid clinging to the hips or thighs. As the dress has a certain “swish” to it.
An A-line dress, with seams placed under the bust for shaping.
Cut across the bust without straps or neckline coverage. Wedding planners and brides alike have rejoiced at this liberating shape option. A true wedding favor!

Mermaid wedding dress:

Fitted at the waist and flairs from the knee into a fuller circle. Fashion forward for a contemporary wedding Ball Gown:
Fitted bodice and fuller skirt. The quintessential bridal shape.


Normally an A-Line or Ball Gown skirt with "pick-ups" in the skirt. Meaning the fabric is gathered in spots on the skirt.

The only way to determine what shape will work best for you is to try them all on. Keep an open mind going in, because a dress almost always looks better on than it did on the hanger.

I know all brides go into dress shopping hoping for that "This IS IT" moment, but this may not always happen for everyone. It did for me, but I know others who just knew that it was the dress because it made them feel beautiful. The tears and such are not always going to happen, so don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen!

All pictures are from: www.lightinthebox.com

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