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Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I know I need to Thank...

MS. KATY from Tripping Down the Aisle as well as Ms. Shorro a fellow Weddingbooker for helping me give my blog a face lift.

Katy is so awesome because she actually made the code so that I could have three columns and my information on the sides aren't so crowded! She is also working on me a CUSTOM header! No info on that though because I want it to be a surprise to y'all! I'm so excited about it though! She does an AMAZING job and even has another blog that show cases her AMAZING talent in graphic design! You can see her custom site by clicking here.

Shorro helped me out a lot as well. I know absolutely NOTHING about HTML and such however, apparently she did and she was able to take the code that Katy created for me and my current code and create the code I needed to accomplish what I needed!

Thanks so much girls! I really do appreciate what you both have done for me and I cannot wait to see what you have come up with Katy (no rush though hun! (o:)

1 comment:

Shorro said...

Looks good! I really like that banner!! :D