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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gifts for Us

So Michael and I, being that we are only 47 days out, have been discussing the subject of wedding day gifts. Of course some (ok well most... ok All) of the gifts I have said I wouldn't mind getting are rather expensive. But the thing is... I don't really ask for much in the gift department. And I enjoy good quality items. You pay for what you get is what I believe.

I asked for this for my wedding gift...
but him being the sweet babe he is, I got it for Christmas instead. So that left it open for me to have to figure something else out that he can get me.

So of course, in the meantime he has asked me what else I would want. I have picked out these because honestly there isn't anything else I would want and I don't want him to just get me something to say he got me something. I want it to be something we both want.

These are all Coach bags because of course the Louis I wanted would be WAY too much considering I'm jobless... so we may help stimulate the economy this way LOL

They are in order from least expensive to most and are $298, $378, and $398 respectively.

Of course it is not ALL about me (well at least most of the time LOL) and it seems I am getting out on the cheap end of the deal; which considering he is technically buying his own gift because it is "his" money with me not having a job. All he has asked for was a new watch, and not just any watch a Fossil. So this is what I picked out and he approved to choose from.

So only time will tell if we actually get what we have asked for... what do you think of these? What's your favorite?

Pictures are from Coach and Fossil Websites. To visit please click the links in the post.

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