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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Journey to "The Dress"

So sometime last summer, I started my journey to finding the perfect wedding dress. Shop after shop, I found wedding dresses that I loved, but they weren't "perfect."
This was the first dress...
While it is a beautiful dress, and I thought it could be the one... something just kept saying "Keep Looking" so I did.
This was the next one, and it had everything that was missing out of the first dress. I wanted sweetheart and lace up... but after going back and trying it again, it just wasn't "The One"
This one was a high contender... but while I LOVED the front, I felt like the back just didn't match. So I moved on....
And while this one was beautiful too, I just didn't want a dress with pickups. So the search continues...
This was a contender... but I'm not a lace girl so I of course moved on again.

According to my dad, this was "the ONE" but I eventually nixed it, because I was in LOVE with the back but not so much the front.

So I began to get really frustrated and began to wonder if I would ever find one that would make me feel that feeling.

One day me and one of my bridesmaids were bored so we went to look at dress where I live. I didn't expect to find anything at all considering we live in a small town. Well then it happened, I put this dress on and walked out and...


My bridesmaid felt it too and we called my mom and said you HAVE to come down here.

And here it is...
Hahaha! You really think I would post a picture before the wedding. Negative! My Fiance has a blog too and he's always looking at mine! Only 46 more days and you all can see it :)


AmyJean said...

The third one is beautiful too... i can't wait to see what you ended up picking :)

Jess and Frankie said...

Hey, You've been tagged!

Katy said...

Oh Lady, I love you and your subliminal ad posts. :-)

We're coming this weekend. :-)

Jasmine said...

You are looking gorgeous.!! Well, I really like your wedding dress journey.

Caitlin said...

Hahaha what a tease! I had a picture of my dress posted online for my family to see and my mom spazzed and said I MUST hide it... so I don't let anyone see it... except mb my coworkers and my future mom-in-law/step mom in laws.

bridechic said...

#1 really got to me!